Q. How much does it cost to store?
A. From £48 per month

Q. How much space will I need?
A. See our unit plans for size

Q. What about insurance?
A. You will need your own insurance - please check with your insurance company

Q. Are there any items I cannot store?
A. Yes
            • no food or perishable goods
            • no flammable materials eg petrol, diesel
            • no firearms, explosives or ammunition
            • any illegal or dangerous substances
            • no compressed gases
            • no wine

Q. How can I pay for my storage?
A. Credit Card, Standing Order or Cash

Q. Do I need a padlock?
A. Yes - please provide your own padlock - you are responsible for keys

Q. Can I book storage ahead of moving in?
A. Yes - one month in advance

Q. How can I find out about availability?
A. Email or phone

Q. What is the minimum amount of time I can rent a unit for?
A. One Month

Q. How much notice do I need to give before vacating a unit?
A. One Month

Q. Do I have to sign a lease?
A. No - no contracts

Q. Do you do removals or van hire?
A. We can do collection/delivery for you